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Network Name : X-Story1 to X-Story10

Password : boba

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    Welcome To X-Story Website
    [Server Closed]
    Should be back the 17-08-2009


    Steps to play this server!

    1. Register And Join A Hamachi Network Before Anything.
    2. Go Register By Clicking  " X-Story Register " Located On The Right.
    3. * Optional * Register Under The Login Form For Your Forum's Account.
    4. Download The Game Client " Located On The Right As Well ".
    5. * Optional * Download Maple V.62 If You Don't Have It.
    6. Put The Game Client In Your MapleStory V.62 Folder.
    7. Double Click " X-Story Client " And Start Playing!

    MapleStory is copyright ©2003-2009 by Nexon corporation., are not the official site, nor is it affiliated with Nexon.
    Any third party content belongs to the respective owners unless otherwise stated

    Dear players, 
                       we are currently working on a Manga, Anime and Online Chapters of a story kinda related to MapleStory. You guys can give us ideas in the forum or right here!

    Information about the story

    In the world of X-Story, there's three type of person. Every person was either a Normal Person, or a Person with special powers or else, a Person with special powers that shares a body with a Demon. There's more than one planet in the story, and every planet have their own Leader. The leader is usually a person that can use more than 1 Element of special powers. The elements are: Ice,Lightning, Fire, Water, Holy, Poison, Rain, Psychic and lot more. But to hold a lot of elements, that's wh ... Read more »
    Views: 20809 | Added by: Kay | Date: 2009-08-06 | Comments (30)

    TO PLAY READ THE MESSAGE hello xstory
    i just made a vedio and its on youtube
    its about xstory and if u wach it and rate it u will get
    more ppl to wach and play so rate subscribe
    rate rate
    Views: 874 | Added by: drfinest18 | Date: 2009-08-05 | Comments (1)

    Hurry We Are In A Middle Of A Country Event ... We Need More Guild In Wind Country Whisper Me If Ur An Ldr Of An Guild And You Want To Be In Wind Country

    Btw Im Unknovvn xD Its 2 v Instead of w

    Views: 1042 | Added by: Unknown | Date: 2009-08-04 | Comments (1)


    • Online GM Shop In Forum. [ For players that need C-Ilbis, Balanced Fury, and more ] [ You Can give suggestions ]
    • Country Event Is Beginning
    • x2 EXP Cards with specific hours are now working! [ Those of 8 500 Nexon Cash ]
    • 3 Control PQs Are Out
    • ... Read more »
    Views: 760 | Added by: Kay | Date: 2009-08-01 | Comments (2)

    Dear players,
                       We're currently recruiting a Leader for the Earth Country ! For more info about the Earth Country, go to the forums in the Country Section. The General chat over there will be perfect for the information! & Of course, the country that win the event each week will level really faster than a normal player. So Join a country now! The Countries Event Will Start This Monday! [ 03.08.2009 ]

    X-Story Staff

    @Tigles Anger : Someone will entertain with you guys while I work =].

    Views: 584 | Added by: Kay | Date: 2009-08-01 | Comments (0)

    Dear players,

                        X2 Drops & X2 EXP Cards that worth 8 500 Nexon Cash Are Now Working! Please confirm the time of the card before buying it. No refunds. Have Fun!

    X-Story Staff
    Views: 990 | Added by: Kay | Date: 2009-07-29 | Comments (0)

    What is this about? 

    Well, Zakum's final body will be spawned in one room of FM, between Fm1 ~ Fm22. Ch 1 ~ 2 

    Only his body will be there, it's your change to go get your Z-Helm!

    First spawn at : 11:00 AM GMT-5 Of The 4th August 2009

    X-Story Staff
    Views: 5830 | Added by: Kay | Date: 2009-07-28 | Comments (1)

    hey kay im starting to make vedios for u i have new program i hope u like the idea
    Views: 505 | Added by: drfinest18 | Date: 2009-07-28 | Comments (1)

    hey guys its me tigles/tiglets i just wanted to say that there r new cpq coming soon and that the guild pq is working and remember to vote every day wooooo go xstory and also i hope soon that kay finds some one to dedi him if u want server to b dedi soon leave comment XD
    Views: 499 | Added by: drfinest18 | Date: 2009-07-28 | Comments (1)

    Dear players,

                       What's the Guild Competition Event? Well, each New Week, Mondays, There will be an Item of the week. What will that item be? Well, who knows? You'll see depending of Each Country your Guild is part of. Let me explain a bit about countries. There's 5 Different countries; Water Country, Fire Country, Earth Country, Lightning Country & Wind Country. Depending on your guild, you'll be in different countries. How to join a Country? Go to the forums of X-Story and private message your Guild & Guild info to the Leader of the country that you want to join. In the forum sections, you can only see the Forums of your Country, not the others, so don't worry. What to do with the Items that you've collected? Well, put them in MTS, Kay will pass Sunday to buy them. What amount? Well, Depending of your Question, Kay will leave a Question with the item of  the week in the Guild forums of y ... Read more »
    Views: 5831 | Added by: Kay | Date: 2009-07-27 | Comments (0)

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