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Mage Guides
Keegan126Date: Sunday, 2009-07-12, 5:58 PM | Message # 1
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[size=12]Stats of a normal [color=blue]/Mage.

You don't need any [color=blue]STR or [color=blue]DEX. You're [color=blue]LUK should be your [color=blue]Level + 3 & rest goes to [color=blue]INT.
- I am level 10 and my [color=blue]LUK is 13. The rest goes in [color=blue]INT.
- I am level 23 and my [color=blue]LUK is 26. The rest goes in [color=blue]INT. And so on..

*Remember you need to have [color=blue]20 [color=blue]INT to change job at level 8.*

Stats of a [color=blue]Lukless mage.

Everthing goes into [color=blue]INT nothing else.
*End of Stats*

Skills Build: (I recommend you all should do this)

MAX Improving MP Recovery (This skill increases the amount of MP gained every 10 seconds.)
MAX Improving Max MP Increase (Require 5 Improve MP Recovery. This skill increases the amount of Max MP gained on a level up or when adding AP into MP.)
MAX Magic Guard This skill replaces HP with MP for up to 80% of any attack taken.
1 Energy Bolt (This skill is a projectile attack. Less powerful than Magic Claw on average.)
MAX Magic Claw (Require 1 Energy Bolt. This skill attacks twice from a distance, but not as a projectile. As such, it can damage regardless of terrain.)

There are 3 jobs you can change to:
- Ice/Lightning Wizard
- Fire/Poison Wizard
- Cleric

Ice/Lightning Wizard:

MAX Mp Eater (Drain MP from an enemy monster on an attack, regardless of hit or miss.)
MAX Meditation (Require 3 MP Eater. Increase the magic attack of the party by up to 20 points.)
MAX Teleport (Allows the character to move forward a certain distance regardless of obstacles, but not into the terrain. Works in all four main directions. Can also be used with an attack to move and attack at the same time. Teleport distance increases by 10 every 10 levels the character advances from lvl 30.)
MAX Cold Beam (Attacks a single target with an ice-based attack, ignoring terrain. It can also freeze a non-resistant target, preventing it from moving or using skills (but not cancelling skills in progress). Bosses and monsters that resist ice make up most of the freeze-resistant monsters.)
MAX Thunder Bolt ( Attacks up to six nearby monsters with lightning. Has a slight vertical range. Highly MP-intensive and HP-intensive (due to close range), but also allows for MP Eater to activate on each monster hit. Usually used for faster training than Cold Beam.)
If you have exra points put it all in Slow.

Fire/Poison Wizard:

MAX Mp Eater (You should know now what MP Eater is.)
MAX Teleport (Same as this one.)
MAX Meditation (Also this one.)
MAX Fire Arrow (The most powerful second-job Magician skill. Fire-based attack, but is affected by terrain. Effective against most El Nath monsters.)
MAX Poison Brace (Hits an enemy for weak damage and a chance of poisoning the target. Affected by terrain. Poison deals either 70 HP or 1/40 of the monster's HP, whichever is higher. Poison cannot kill the enemy.)


MAX MP Eater
MAX Teleport
MAX Heal (Heals the caster, nearby party members and deals damage to undead enemies nearby. Targets up to 6 players/monsters, including the caster. Targets party members over undead enemies. One of the Cleric's most useful skills.)
5 Invincible (Requires 5 Heal. Reduces damage dealt by physical-based attacks by up to 30%.)
MAX Bless (Requires 5 Invincible. Increases weapon defense, magic defense, accuracy, and avoidability by up to 20 points each. One of the best party skills.)
MAX Holy Arrow (I recommend you max this skill last or first. Holy-based attack that is affected by terrain. Max base power is equal to Magic Claw's combined attacks.)

3rd Job Skill Build:

- Ice/Lightning Mage
- Fire/Poison Mage
- Priest

Ice/Lightning Mage:

MAX Element Amplification
MAX Ice Strike
MAX Thunder Spear
MAX Spell Booster
MAX Element Composition

If you got extra points I recommend you put on this:
10 Seal
1 Partial Resistance

Fire/Poison Mage:

MAX Explosion
MAX Poison Mist
MAX Spell Booster
MAX Element Compositon

Max those first then:

MAX Element Amplification
10 Seal
1 Partial Resistance

Priest Skill Build:

MAX Holy Symbol
MAX Shining Ray
MAX Elemental Resistance
That is what I recommend.
I don't know about thse skills: (Max them?)

MAX Dispel
MAX Summon Dragon
Any left over skill points put them anywhere you want.

Forum » Forum Headlines » Guides & Tutorials » Mage Guides (The guides for those who wants to be a Mage.)
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